Szabo Canceled! and the discreet pleasure of cancel-baiting


Was Nick Szabo just trolling everyone? Did he keep continually retweeting "offensive" and "racist" tweets after so much public backlash so he would get canceled?

Rid your feed of ETH SJWs with just a few simple steps?

Is cancel-baiting the ultimate modern pleasure?

A post internet cleansing?

A limit experience?

Getting canceled is like getting chewed up and spit out by modernity to then be healed by nature after a hard abutment into the meatspace to deal with your "problematic" and often times misunderstood personality. Due to the almost unquantifiable loss of social capital from a cancelation event, self induced cancelations are one of the most costly and outlandish modern luxuries for the post-internet age. Ten years ago people would go on an ayahuasca retreat- today, they just get canceled.

Reading Nick Szabo in Cambodia with a Negroni - don't cancel me please!