The Godfather of Shakes

by /hns_god

October 11th 2020



In hushed tones and soft whispers, they call him the Godfather of Shakes or ζ‘‡ζ‘‡ζ¬²ε ηš„δΈŠεΈ. Not a single HNS token changes hands over the counter without the godfather and his ruthless shakes cartel taking their tax. They control the HNS supply and tax anyone trying to acquire or sell this precious commodity off of a centralized exchange. Their spies are everywhere. Any surplus value in the ecosystem will be extracted by the shakes cartel, while the Godfather shills mercilessly, giving a pitiful amount of coins as airdops to the fellow hard working shills. In the streets they whisper, "just market buy, don't let Godfather Shakes find out, may the Hotbit gods protect you".


You might ask, dear reader, how did the godfather come to power in a land with no kings, a PoW blockchain aiming to become a namespace for the decentralized world? Well, in a land with no kings, power is there for the taking, and the Godfather has the will to power.